PVC Coated Conduit System

PVC-Coated Conduit System

Plasti-Bond offers a complete line of PVC coated conduit, fittings and accessories to provide resistance to corrosion for your electrical raceway systems in the most demanding environments.

Manufactured in the U.S.A., ISO 9001-certified Plasti-Bond complies with all standards mandated by UL6, NEMA RN-1, ANSI C80.1 and ETL PVC-001. Plasti-Bond is ETL-Verified for product performance and reliable longevity — ETL-Verified PVC coated conduit provides product service life lasting 10 times longer than those who do not carry the ETL PVC-001 label.

Additional features include our V-Seal® gasket with special interlocking “V” groove which is the most effective way of preventing corrosion damage by sealing PVC coated Form 8 Conduit Bodies.

Plasti-Bond is not simply a product — it is a key link in a system designed to beat the high cost of corrosion damage. The following graphic illustrates how the beneficial differentiators of Plasti-Bond provide added value in making the system work.

Cut Through 2

Our Unique V-Seal

Our V-Seal® gasket — with special interlocking “V” groove —- is the most effective way of preventing corrosion damage by sealing PVC coated Form 8 Conduit Bodies, sizes 1/2″ to 2″.

VsealLabels and Listings

 Plasti-Bond complies with standards including:

  • NEMA RN-1
  • ANSI C80.1
  • UL 6
  • ETL PVC-001

UL6 is an important standard that addresses safety for rigid metal conduit. ETL PVC-001 is an internationally recognized listing based on performance evaluations and on predicting service life. It is on the basis of independent, objective product comparisons by ETL that Plasti-Bond has been proven to provide ten or more times the protective service life of brands that are not authorized to carry the ETL PVC-001 label.

Plasti-Bond is authorized to carry BOTH ETL Verified mark and UL-listed label

Plasti-Bond is authorized to carry BOTH ETL Verified mark and UL-listed label

Here are some additional facts that you should know:

  • ETL PVC-001 validates the coating performance of PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit based on ASTM D870 and ASTM D1151/ASTM D2247 — the accepted ASTM tests for predicting product service life. These tests are not intended to replicate a specific environment. Rather, they are designed to predict the service life of a coating under the two most common conditions that affect adhesive bonds: heat and humidity.
  • Plasti-Bond re-earns its ETL PVC-001 label on a quarterly basis by repeatedly and successfully passing the stringent performance tests required for verification.
  • ETL verification is an “open standard”. Testing is open to any manufacturer who believes that the quality of its protective coating can consistently meet ETL verification requirements. If you do not see an ETL label on a brand of PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit, you have every right to ask “why not?”

Training and Certification

Plasti-Bond offers various educational training opportunities such as:

Installation of PVC-Coated Conduit

Plasti-Bond Installer Certification is based upon training that includes classroom and hands-on instruction encompassing:

  • Proper installation techniques and tools.
  • Hands-on instruction for clamping, cutting, threading, bending, and assembly of PVC coated conduit.
  • Interactive discussion of techniques and troubleshooting.

Only installers who are able to present the authorized, unexpired credentials of having passed our instruction and examination are officially certified to install Plasti-Bond’s top quality products.

Installer certification is free of charge and available at the job site, contractor’s shop, factory, or wherever it is convenient to you! For more information about Installer Certification, contact Plasti-Bond at 903.843.5591.

Want more good news?

You won’t have to pay more for the best available protection than you would for a standard fitting. It’s all part of the unequaled value provided to you through Plasti-Bond.


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