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Plasti-Bond is ISO Certified
Plasti-Bond Coated Conduit is ISO Certified.

Plasti-Bond ETL Verified - Complete Information and Links
The Importance Of Product
Service Life As Documented By ETL-Verification.
All brands of PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit comply with standards as established by UL 6.

Only some brands of PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit are authorized to carry the ETL-Verifed PVC-001 label --- the only definitive difference between existing brands.

Therefore, if predictability of product service life is important to engineering design, avoidance of costly or catastrophic product or system failure, it should be assumed in the specification process, that only PVC-coated galvanized conduit carrying the ETL-verification label, will meet the standards established by all relevant ASTM tests, including those predicting product service life.

Links To Everything You Need To Know About ETL-Verification


The Significance Of Predicting Service Life In The Specification
Of PVC-coated Galvanized Rigid Conduit

An important overview of how and why not all brands of PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit are not created equal ---- and why specifiers who are concerned with predictable product life cycles need to look for the ETL-Verification label.
Click Here To Download:

The Facts, Features And Benefits Of ETL-Verification
Downloadable brochure highlights why ETL-Verification needs to be important to all users of PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit.
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ETL Performance Comparison Charts
See exactly how ETL-verified PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit brands provide a proven product life span ten times longer than brands that have not met ETL evaluation standards.
Click Here To View The ETL Charts :
ETL Charts (Brand Comparisons).
Compared by hours.
Compared by days.

ETL-Verified PVC 001 Label
Click Here To View The Label:

Reliable Corrosion Control
The 'right' conduit product will protect electrical raceways and connections. Written by Randy Cox, electrical superintendent at Colburn Electric in Eureka, California, this is a real-life example of how Corrosion College led an industry professional to realize the importance of ETL-Verification in specifying PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit.
Click Here To Download:
Reliable Corrosion Control Case Study.

Official ETL-Verification Report
This is the actual document that verifies ETL product conformance permitting the use of the ETL-Verified PVC-001 label.
Click Here To Download:
Official ETL-Verification Report.

ETL Certificate Of Conformance
Click Here To Download

ETL Semko Procedural Guide For The PVC Coated Conduit Verification Program
The complete technical overview of internationally recognized testing procedures used to evaluate PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit for ETL-Verification.
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Specifying Products For Highly Corrosive Environments
Reprint from Pure Power magazine details why ETL independent product performance verification is essential.
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NEW! 3D Animation
This high-impact 3D animation clearly demonstrates the benefits of product service life as verified by internationally accepted ETL testing. Any specifier concerned with the high costs of product failure should see this animation for a full appreciation of the fact that ETL-verified PVC coated galvanized rigid conduit performs 10 times longer than non-ETL brands! It's a proven fact. Note: file size is: 25.4 MB. Allow several minutes to download.
View ETL Animation (WMV format)

ETL Semko Inspector's Procedures For The PVC Coated Conduit Verification Program
Actual inspection criteria for ongoing ETL-Verification.
Click Here To Download:

The Significance Of The ETL Semko Label For The Corrosion
Performance Of Coated Rigid Metal Conduit A highly detailed white paper that relates corrosion protection provided by the adhesive reliability of PVC coating to the standards established by ETL-Verification.
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Why Coatings Fail
This white paper details surface preparation and effective processing techniques essential to preventing conduit coating system failures.
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